mars and bones




What’s your favourite thing about music?

The passion, and the talent. That’s what is so good about all of this music - you hear actual instruments and actual people doing stuff. When you listen to music from today all you hear is algorithms and programmed beats. It’s so fucking annoying. But then when you hear a band where everyone actually plays a part and there’s no made up bullshit, it’s so authentic. I love it.

What made you decide to start collecting records?

I think it started with Zeppelin. I started just getting into them a little bit, I knew about three songs, but then I was like ‘this is a sick band’, but I wanted to wait and appreciate it somehow. I was just thinking like for ages, took me like days, and then I was like oh shit… records! I didn’t really know a lot about records, knew it was before you could get music on CD’s or digitally. The first records I bought were five various Rolling Stones records, and it was all about sixty bucks. Oh my god, I was in heaven. Then I just wanted to buy every Zeppelin record, but only listen to it on record. That’s what I did, and Floyd too. Didn’t listen to them on my phone. I appreciated it more than just fucking flipping through songs, because you can’t do that on record.


How many records do you have?

Last time I counted them, it was seven hundred and seventy, but I left out one. So seven hundred and seventy one.


Why do you collect things?

Something about having the original, the more authentic sort of thing. You can listen to anything on your phone and it’s cool, but when you can get a record from when the music was actually recorded and produced and you can put that on a  player for yourself, you can hear what they were listening to, and how they would’ve listened to it. 



Oldest record that you have?

Jerry Lee Lewis - Great Balls of Fire, 1957 or 58.












curt villa by mars and bones.